HD series spiral bevel gear steering box

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HD series spiral bevel gear steering box

Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, metallurgy, textile, plastic, paper and other mechanical equipment, assembly line and other industries.

Technical Characteristics:

1. The shape of the HD spiral bevel commutator box is regular hexahedron, which can adapt to the installation of different orientations.

2. The design of the spiral commutator has a long service life, large carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, and the linear speed of the gear can be as high as 40 m/s, and the transmission efficiency is as high as 94%-98%.

3. The spiral bevel gear is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy structural steel, after carburizing and quenching heat treatment, and after grinding and running, to achieve a high precision hard tooth surface closed transmission.

4. There are seven specifications of HD series commutator, with a large selection range and various output shaft forms, which can meet the needs of various occasions.

5. The commutator can realize two transmission modes of deceleration and speed increase.

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