S series helical worm gear reducer

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Product Description:

S series helical worm gear reducer

Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel, metallurgy, textile, plastic, paper and other mechanical equipment, assembly line and other industries.

Technical Characteristics:

1. Highly modular design: The machine can be easily equipped with various types of motors or adopt other power inputs.

2. Transmission ratio: fine division and wide range. The combination model can form a large transmission ratio, that is, output a very low speed.

3. Installation form: The installation position is not limited.

4. High strength and small volume: the box body adopts high strength cast iron. The gear and gear shaft adopt gas carburizing and quenching precision grinding process, so the bearing capacity per unit volume is high.

5. Low noise: The main parts of the reducer are precision processed, and through careful assembly and testing, the reducer has low noise.

Structure Type:


S…F: foot flange installation; SAZ: small flange installation

Base type installation, flange has large and small flanges for easy selection. With solid shaft output, the average efficiency is 96% for the second stage, 94% for the third stage, and 85% for CR/CR. Reduction ratio: basic type 2nd level 5~24.8, third level 27.2~192, combination up to 23401.

The basic two-stage input and output have the same rotation direction, and the three-stage are opposite. Please consult us separately. The CRM series specially designed for mixing can bear large axial and radial forces.

Technical Parameters:

Performance Characteristics:

◆ The combination of helical gear and worm gear has compact structure and large reduction ratio.

◆ Installation method: foot installation, hollow shaft installation, flange installation, torque arm installation, small flange installation.

◆ Input mode: motor direct connection, motor belt connection or input shaft, connection flange input.

◆ Average efficiency: The reduction ratio is 7.5-69.39 is 77%; 70.43-288 is 62%; S/R combination is 57%.

◆ Combination with R series can get a greater speed ratio.

Technical Parameters:

Speed ratio range: basic type 9.96~244.74, S/R combination type can reach 8608

Torque range: 43~4200 Nm

Power range: 0.18~22 kW

Model Mark:
Type:S37         S47        S57         S67        S77         S87        S97
SF37       SF47      SF57        SF67      SF77       SF87      SF97 
SA37      SA47      SA57       SA67      SA77      SA87      SA97 
SAF37    SAF47    SAF57     SAF67     SAF77    SAF87     SAF97 
SAT37    SAT47    SAT57     SAT67    SAT77     SAT87    SAT97 
SAZ37    SAZ47    SAZ57    SAZ67     SAZ77    SAZ87     SAZ97


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