HB series high power gearbox

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Product Description:

Technical Characteristics:

1. H, B high-power gear reducer adopts a general design scheme, which can be transformed into an industry-specific gear box according to customer needs.

2. Realize parallel shaft, right-angle shaft, vertical and horizontal general-purpose boxes. The types of parts are reduced and the specifications and models are increased.

3. Adopt suction box body structure, large box surface area and large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear adopt advanced grinding technology, so that the temperature rise of the whole machine, noise reduction, reliability of operation are improved, and transmission Increased power.

4. Input mode: motor connection flange and shaft input.

5. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion disc connection, hollow shaft with spline connection, solid shaft with spline connection, and solid shaft with flange connection.

6. Installation method: horizontal type, vertical type, swing base type, torque arm type.

7. H, B high-power reducer series products have 3~26 type specifications, and the reduction transmission stages have 1~4 grades, and the speed ratio is 1.25~450; combined with our R, K, S series to get a larger speed ratio .

Speed ratio range: 1.25 to 450 for H series and 5 to 400 for B series.

Torque range: H series 2~900 kNm, B series 5.8~900 kNm.

Power range: H series 4~5000 kW, B series 2.8~3000kW.

Technical Parameters:


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